Personal Branding Workshop and Photoshoot
with Lindsay Rae

Next workshop is on January 6th, 2023 | Troy, NY

Being in front of the camera can be nerve wrecking!

Together we will find the points of tension in your body and learn to release them before your session, so you can be fully present and relaxed in the moment of your personal branding photoshoot.

Once you learn the tricks to show up on camera, creating content to promote yourself in business will be easy and simple.

You will learn strategic tools which will allow you to sit with your own thoughts and overcome your nerves. By creating a safe place to share in our brain strengthening session together, vulnerability will become a tool you will be able to use to connect deeply with yourself and others.

Meet  Lindsay Rae

OVER 800 women Photographed as an empowerment photographer

Award-winning Motivational Speaker

Award-winning Photographer

Silver Anthem Award for Diversity & Inclusion

2 co-authored books with Impact awards

100s of media appearances

Lindsay Rae is an award-winning empowerment photographer turned body image activist, whose TEDx talk has been viewed 70,000 times. Now she teaches students and professionals how to turn self hate into self love. While photographing over 700 women she realized how damaging the beauty propaganda machine is, and it all hinges on one word: “If.” IF I can live up to some teeny narrow-minded societal standard of beauty, then maybe I’ll be happy?” Lindsay is on a mission to break this stigma and encourage students to embrace their unique qualities while becoming more inclusive-minded individuals because everyone deserves to feel welcome and confident on campus. Through unveiling tricks of the beauty industry, sharing stories of overcoming trauma, and giving concrete tools for changing the way we talk to ourselves, Lindsay empowers students to silence their “if’s” and embrace the beauty and individuality of themselves and their peers.

How to work With lindsay

1. Event Discovery Call

Book a 20-minute discovery call to outline your audience and event goals.

2. Get a Personalized Program

Lindsay will work with you to develop the program that is best for your event with your specific audience in mind. Together you will brainstorm creative ways to get the most out of your event experience.

3. Transform from self hate to self love

Lindsay will rock the stage, and your audience leaves with a new sense of confidence.

Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker

Lindsay has spoken on many stages, platforms, tv programs and so much more over the last number of months. Most recently this spoken mission to breed self-acceptance placed 1st for the Largest Speaking Competition in North America, SpeakerSlam.

“You brought me on a journey. One that left me with goosebumps, tears in my eyes, and a sense of empowerment that couldn’t help but bubble up to the surface. This is a PSA that should be required for every young girl navigating the ugly side of this world. You spoke to my 12-year-old, overweight, inner child who didn’t know how to rectify my father’s comment of  ‘putting on some weight there huh kiddo? The whole world needs to hear this message. Bravo!”

Lauren Tatro
“I have owned a women’s boutique for over 13 years and have dressed thousands of women. Lindsay, you hit the nail on the head. Your speech should should be playing in every dressing room across the nation. This is so inspirational and real… Thank you. ”


Karen Macielak

fox news:


How can people leave the negative body image headspace and TRULY appreciate themselves?

“This is the most refreshing talk I’ve heard in a long time! Lindsay is so unbelievably spot on! I have saved this reel to listen to over and over. Can’t wait to share it with my friends! I will definitely start following her!”

—Melanie Mc Allister-Weaver

“I’ve been diving into self-help videos today and this is easily the best thing I’ve come across in a long time. Lindsay is on point, her words are encouraging and inspiring. Gives me hope for future generations.”

— SE Frey

“Healing is in the conversations you have with yourself. That is what I learned from this talk on life experience and this woman’s photographic view of the world around her.”

— Amey Housten

Award Winning Activist Author Speaker and Photographer