Being a student is far more than going to classes and getting good grades.

It is the time we define ourselves, discover friends & Build dreams

It is also a time where deep rooted self-esteem issues can take hold of our confidence.

Ways this can show up in students

Unwilling to socialize or join groups/extracurriculars

Missing out on more than an academic ROI by not getting their money’s worth if only going to class

Jealous of those who look “perfect”

Shame over body image

Embarrassed about not looking like influencers

Joining in on bullying because they are too afraid to speak up

Too scared to apply for jobs and internships

Beauty propaganda is everywhere and most dramatically impacts teenagers and young adults.

Lindsay will use proven methods she learned by photographing close to 800 women as an empowerment photographer to teach students how to cultivate confidence through strategic self-talk by sharing her own stories overcoming bullying and trauma, unveiling the tricks of how the beauty industry feigns perfection, and giving students easy and usable strategies to practice compassion.

What will students leave inspired to do?

Make more friends.

Engage with more clubs

Take on leadership roles

Gain work experience

Secure internships

Reach out and extend friendship and kindness to peers