“I felt compelled to reach out because your words and actions have helped to bring back a bit of fire. I am getting ok with it being a slow smouldering lately. But I have struggled a ton with why I am not on FIRE”

“the voice of reason in promoting self confidence for all of us who are critical of the ‘flaws’ we see”…

Bravo Lindsey….keep making beautiful images of real women & being the voice of reason in promoting self confidence for all of us who are critical of the “flaws” we see rather than focusing on our true inner/outer beauty of who we are this moment!

“You brought me on a journey…”

“One that leaves me goosebumps, tears in my eyes and a sense of empowerment that couldn’t help but bubble up to the surface. This is a PSA that should be required for every young girl trying to navigate the ugly side of this world. You spoke to my 12 year old, over weight inner child who didn’t know how to rectify my father’s comment of ‘putting on some weight their kiddo huh?’ The whole world needs to hear this message.”

“Very empowering words delivered flawlessly…when you have lived it you don’t have to rehearse it!”

This is soo empowering and motivating! We need to remember how beautiful we are on the inside and outside. We are gorgeous and fierce! This is what the world needs.  Lindsay deserves the recognition she puts her passion into. Slay and stay positive ?❤️

“The most amazing experience I have ever gone through…”

I just want to thank you. I am very insecure about my body. I wear everything too big to hide it, at least I used to…” 

Reading your posts and watching you had helped me more than you could ever know. Most people see me as this confident and fierce woman. The fierce is there to cover the insecurity. Every time I read a post from you a layer of that insecurity is removed. You may not realize it but you are changing lives everyday. You have most certainly changed mine. Thank you! Side note my sons godmother is a photographer in Virginia and when I went to visit her she and I were discussing how badass you are and how talented you are. Clearly your reach is farther than you know. And your style is untouchable and you are unstoppable. Thank you again for helping me love me.. I lost that for a long time. I appreciate everything about you and your daughter is the absolute cutest


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"All I could say was WOW. You spoke so loudly to me at 58 I have torn myself apart to be perfect to fit and like you I too heard those words and saw it in their eyes of there if...you were a little more this or a little more that! Thank you for this message of empowerment. WOW!"


"WOW so powerful to me & just when I needed it more keep sending such empowering messages hopefully the younger girls can avoid self doubt from the get go and learn just how beautiful each and everyone of them are. Thank you for such a beautiful message to all us women."oo all


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