We all want to know how to stop talking down to ourselves. Despite the obvious barriers – like influencer culture – the real problem is… that we treat ourselves in a way we would never treat the people we care about most. Yet we can all agree it’s true that when we truly respect someone, we would never intentionally minimize them. That’s why, in order to achieve this goal we need to shift our inner dialogue and learn to

Respect Ourselves

at the very least as much as we respect our friends.

“Such Simple brilliance in the world if. She is changing the narrative to sit with your self dignity. I applaud you.”

Tony Quintero

“Because I like to view the whole picture she belongs on a stage that says TEDx Queens!”


“I’m thrilled with this discovery. We look at so many inequities that women face. From equal opportunity and equal pay to housing and finance etc. But the size inequity is closed mouth and glossed over. The beauty, Retail & Advertising industries visually stock women wherever they go, for every occasion, life event and an expectation of what you should look as woman. They call it aspirational and it can lead to desperate rationalisation that is as subtle as a train wreck. This talk is spot on.”


“This is the most refreshing talk I’ve heard in a long time! Lindsay is so unbelievably spot on! I have saved this reel to listen to over and over. Can’t wait to share it with my friends! I will definitely start following her!”

—Melanie Mc Allister-Weaver

“I’ve been diving into self-help videos today and this is easily the best thing I’ve come across in a long time. Lindsay is on point, her words are encouraging and inspiring. Gives me hope for future generations.”

— SE Frey

“Healing is in the conversations you have with yourself. That is what I learned from this talk on life experience and this woman’s photographic view of the world around her.”

— Amey Housten