Have you ever allowed self-doubt, nagging negative thoughts, and shame to keep you from pursuing an amazing opportunity to be seen?

Are you so wrapped up in the pursuit of perfection that you sometimes sacrifice taking action?

Over time it can result in stage fright, aversion to taking, and low self-esteem despite your many accomplishments

When we resist the urge to show up fully for opportunities, we miss more than the opportunity itself, but the ability to connect with others, to learn from our own wins/losses, and the empowering chance to tell ourselves we overcame something that scared us.

As a Self Image Advisor, I work 1-1 with leaders who want to stop seeking perfection and start taking action on their personal development.

If you’ve got a burning desire to be accepted fully for who you are, NOT for how you shop, what/who you wear, or how much money you make.
This program is for you.

Together, we’ll find and remove any mental obstacles and erroneous stories holding you back by getting rid of limiting beliefs that only serve to give rise to irrational fears, and arm you with tools to conquer anxieties that hold you back from being seen.

1. Identify and work through brain blocks and the false narratives keeping you stuck.

 Get to the root cause of what causes you to feel anxious, nervous or shut down.

Learn strategic tools which will allow you to sit with your own thoughts. We will begin to use your negative thoughts to your advantage, rather than be encumbered by them.

Find confidence in you and strip away the shame of being seen, while helping you to show up fully.

2. Using my knowledge of editorial photography, I will help you break down your ideas of beauty to begin to see yourself in a new light.

Once you learn the tricks to the perfect selfie, creating content to promote your mission will be easy and simple.

By creating a safe place to share in our brain dump sessions together, vulnerability will become a tool you will master and be able to use to connect deeply with yourself and your audience.

3. Finesse your on stage, virtual or in person delivery through performance coaching so you can confidently get your audience to subscribe to your ideas.

Using a combination of acting methods from Sanford Meisner and Vsevolod Meyerhold, and a unique approach to the TEDx style of speaking, we will work on how to master the stage.

Together we will find the points of tension in your body and learn to release them so you can be fully present in the moment of your performance in body and mind.

Work through the rehearsal process in an efficient and empathetic way that allows us to learn from what works and more importantly does not work with your script and presentation.

Finally an in person opportunity where we will end with an empowering photoshoot that locks the mind work into place, so you can show up online and on social media in a way that showcases your individual power, sense of style and ideals.


With a straightforward, to the point, yet encouraging approach to our work together – clients are pushed outside of their comfort zones to tap into the parts of their potential hidden well behind their own self-doubts.