if my body could speak


The Real – Just like so many women, I struggle with body confidence. I was always raised that I was never good enough. My father’s words of judgement and disgust echo through my mind, even as a grown woman. It was always ‘you could be beautiful if’ – you would be beautiful if you lost 30 pounds, you would be beautiful if you stopped dying your hair red. It wasn’t until I had my own daughter that I knew I needed to change the way I saw myself… for her, and for me!



After a lot of work and personal growth I found my own self-worth, and am making it my mission to help other women do the same.

The Profesh – I am a body image activist and owner of boudoir photography business, Self Love Experience, based out of Troy, New York, trying to make a BIG impact on body positivity and acceptance.

Over the course of six years I have empowered more than 600 to toss away the “if’s” and dig deep for the confidence to strip down in front of the camera.



Lindsay Rae

Why I Do This

This work has not just been about healing my clients, but each person I meet is also healing me and my trauma and is part of this journey that I’m on to heal from the awful things that I went through when I was younger. Everybody comes in with different stories. Not everybody’s got a sob story, but every single woman has a story that impacts you. They just change a microcosm of who you are as a person each time.


Wanna Work with Me?

Award Winning Activist, Author, Speaker and Photographer